{Echo} 9 - Illuminate

"The sun illuminates only the eye of man,

but shines into the eye and the heart of a child"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

(Illuminate Composition: Boy with sparkler © Brenda Lynn / Fireworks © Alyice Edrich)

 My "baby" is turning 21 this Sunday. That fact nearly leaves me speechless. (Not nearly as speechless, however, as the first gray hair plucked from my head yesterday during my trim. Ah, but that's another post for another time.) In the meantime, the {Echo} prompt this go-round is "Illuminate". These two seemingly unconnected matters actually had me pondering how my "baby" has become a man right before my eyes, though somehow I feel I've missed the show. What I do know is that though I was to be teaching him in the ways of life and the world, he has instead been the purest light in my life and illuminated not only my world, but me.

Thank you, Son, for reminding me daily to look past what my eyes can see.

I'd also like to thank Alyice Edrich, my {Echo} partner, for encouraging me to plant the good seeds and never fearing to tell me when it's time to weed. A hearty thank you also to Susan Tuttle and Chrysti Hydeck, the creators of the {Echo} Project. Chrysti does a great job keeping this boat floating when I know she can't find her own oars some days. Full sails ahead!

Please take a moment to visit my partner Alyice Edrich's version of Illuminate and our other diptych here. You might also enjoy a visit to the {Echo} Project and see the work of the other participants.

Peace to you and yours,

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